Life is Hard, But God is Here

“Where is God?” That is the question people ask, assuming that there is an answer that says he has stepped out for a moment or is not on the job like He should be. It’s as if His presence should be known by whether He is on our time table, fixing our problems, and making things happen for us. The real answer is that He is here with me as I work through the issues of my life – He is there for my sister-in-love, married to my brother Gary, as they walk through the first stages of her breast cancer and chemotherapy – He is there for my little grandson with his daily seizures. He is there for my boys who are searching for direction for their futures – He is already out of ahead of them. He is in Afghanistan with missionary friends – He is with the children and women being lifted from the compound in El Dorado, Texas. God is big and He is near. What a mystery!

We don’t have to take God somewhere so that He’ll be there, and we don’t have to hope He will go where we go or show up somewhere when we want Him to. He is already there – we just have to see Him and help others find Him right there in their midst. I had to smile when I read one author say that if you think you have to take God somewhere, you need to know that “God is very heavy!” I like that

One friend reminded me recently in looking back over a difficult past that the reason she does not constantly grieve it, is that she knows that God is as in charge of her  past, as He is her present, and is of her future. He covers it all. I guess that is why Jesus, Paul, and others told us not to worry – not be be anxious – God would take care of us. Somehow knowing that God is “omnipresent” – a big word that means He is everywhere – I am comforted. He is not limited to my location or my small knowledge of Him. Today – He is here with me, but there with you – He is not limited by geography or time – we just need to recognize Him – He is real and a Comforter to those who need Him.


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