"I Needed a Policeman!"

MK and Brandon 006   MK and Brandon 007MK and Brandon 011

For those of you needing a blog fix from me, I do have to take a “number” at the computer since there are multiple users in the family. You moms with little ones out there; just wait, you will be moving over sooner than you think.

The pictures are of my second son, Brandon, who is a college graduate in Criminal Justice and is now officially a sworn-in sheriff for our county. Wow! What a moment and how I am learning a new way to pray when I wake up in the night, since he is on the 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. shift in a more volatile area (which is really everywhere these days – even Wet ‘n Wild this past weekend). He is named after my dad, his pappaw, BranDON MILLER – a name that carries with it so much legacy – so much humor (which Brandon loves) – and so much spiritual depth – which we continue to pray for Brandon to grow in and possess all the days of his life.

Brandon was my baby and little boy, who was calm, sensitive, fun, stable, low-key, happy, peaceful…shall I go on? He also had a knack for stepping in when things got a little crazy with “the brothers” (which was often in our household, and still is), and he would mediate, trying to take things in his hands and help work it out. I would usually come on the scene and say, “Brandon, mom doesn’t need you to be a policeman.” And now, 20+ years later, I am saying, “I guess I did and didn’t know it.”

I have a “clear as day” memory of the first time I nursed him after arriving at home from the hospital in our little 600 square foot house, while in seminary. After having to rock our firstborn to sleep or having Bob dance around with him – (he loves music and movement), I laid Brandon down in the cradle, on his stomach, and he never moved or made a sound. I had to look at him several times to make sure he was okay – his eyes were wide open, but he lay there quietly till he fell asleep…he was one low-key guy!

We are extremely proud of Brandon – We have been blessed from the moment he came into our world and blessed even now in his calling and his vocation. Brandon, may you keep a sensitive heart in a very bitter, disrespectful, calculating, violent world. May you follow the path of Christ always – may you live up to the name that God led us to choose just for you. I respect you, admire you, trust you, believe in you, and most of all – love you!  mom


4 thoughts on “"I Needed a Policeman!"

  1. Congrats Brandon and also to the proud family. That is such an admirable job. Give him our best!! Hope the rest of the family is doing well.

  2. What a beautiful commentary about your son and his chosen profession. My son, in January, retired from Tallahassee PD. He too always knew what he wanted and attended St. Augustine academy at the age of 18, in fact I had to buy his first gun and ammo because he was not old enough. Me, who would not even let my boys play cowboys and indians because they would want play guns, ended up buying him a gun anyway. Knowing the things my son has seen, your prayer for your son touched me very much. I too, worried myself sick sometimes and he would just laugh and tell me he could handle whatever came at him because he was well trained. We know, that was God taking care of him. I wish your son all that your prayer says and a very successful career.


  3. What a heartwarming story about BranDON and his life work he is in hte midst of….it was so nicely written…thank you for sharing your thoughts and telling us a bit more about your special guy! It is a blessing to know someone who trusts in the Lord is our serving the people in the way that he is….will pray for God’s protection over him as he serves us! God Bless you all!

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