Tag, I am it – Weird Worship

Okay I have been tagged by a blog savvy friend to be a part of a meme about weird worship. What in the world is a meme? I had to contact the blogger who tagged me to get an idea of what it meant to be tagged (haven’t played that game in a while) and how I respond to it. So here I am…the original request was, “Please give us five examples of Weird Worship and tag five more people to do the same.” The person who tagged me did not follow the original rules, and did her own thing in her quite hilarious response! Now I am a rules person for sure, but this particular concept of “weirdness in worship” immediately brought things to mind that I wanted to say…so I will. It will be a combination of serious and humorous thoughts. If you have been going to church as long and often as I have (since the womb) and you have watched the worship wars develop over the last couple of decades, you just have to laugh when you consider all that is out there. One challenge was issued to my husband and me in the first church we served in, 30 years ago. After the time of worship through music in the service, the pastor would rise and remind the congregation that Christians lie the most when they sing…”every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before”…must not see the Christians I see in church…”wherever He leads, I’ll go”…WHAT? No way I’m going there!..what about “I Surrender All”…whoa, I don’t think so, not my ______!

Once this was pointed out to us, years ago, we were reminded of the importance of considering the words we were singing in church services. I have tried to made it a point to drop out when the words were not true of me, or I would make the words a prayer as I sang, asking the Lord to make the words true in my own heart…Nothing like a little accountability.

Another area of worship that seems a little weird at times is when people sing songs that don’t make sense – people often write a song where they strain to connect their words to “God thoughts”…recently someone sang a song comparing God to “sweet butter.” We still have not gotten over that one! He’s been compared to motorcycles, rain, a cool breeze, a warm blanket…and now, sweet, creamy butter. I guess it just makes the point that it is impossible to describe God – there are no words that capture Who He is! Worship songs are just our feeble attempt on earth to talk about and talk to an awesome God, with music.


I do get frustrated when we sing those “I can’t sing this one” worship songs – A lot of the newer stuff is very difficult to follow and sing along – none of this verse and chorus stuff – it just goes on and on and switches melodies every few words or so. Of course, traditional hymns in the keys that they were written in, are some of the most difficult songs to sing of all. Only if you grew up hearing them, do you really appreciate them. But more contemporary, hip leaders (the ones with their shirttails out and ripped up jeans and flip flops) often forget that we are out there trying to sing along with them and they go off on their own vocal gymnastics and there we are.

Okay I’ll quit with this one – one of my least favorite things is trying to focus on words and sing to the Lord or about the Lord, all while the cameras are focusing on the singers/musicians on the stage, with close up shots of them on the screen. I am sure this is my problem, as the cameraman zooms in on what they are wearing, and all the details of a closeup view. I feel distracted when there is a lot going on instead of just being able to focus on the Lord.

Well worship is weird – how do you sing to the Lord, about the Lord – why do we do it – is it to only praise Him or is it to edify those who are singing with us. What if we cannot stand the music, the loudness, the instruments, the guy on the guitar or drums, or is it the guy in the suit waving his arms. We have seen so many changes in worship mode, but I am not sure if we are making progress. Wonder what God thinks of it all! 



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