A Modern Day Hero – my sister-in-love

Life is full of twists and turns for everyone. As one book I read several years ago said, “Life is chaotic” (Finding God, by Larry Crabb). And it doesn’t seem to be changing except for the worse. An amazing aspect of life though, is that in the midst of all of the mystery and chaos, there are people who ride the waves of life with great courage, strength, and grace. That is my sister-in-love. This year she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, which took the life of her older sister just a few years ago. Now she faces the same disease, but is doing so in a most gracious, faith-building way. She, her daughters, husband, and church family got together recently to form a club when she cut her hair before chemo started. Not just anyone could be in this new club; it was the “Dana’s Hair Club for Men”, involving men and boys who wanted to join Dana in cutting off their hair. Each man or boy got their own certificate and business cards to take them through the time frame of the chemotherapy.

With incredible courage, Dana cut the hair of those attending and hers was also cut that night. Her smiles have taken her through that night, as well as the most recent rounds of chemotherapy. Dana, you have been and are one classy lady, a dear friend, and I am so thankful that you are my sister-in-love. I could not love you more if you were my own sister. Thank you for your gift of courage and strength that blesses all who know you. We are on your team and pray that God sees you through to a great victory of LIFE!

Before the scissors began clicking…





This is Dana cutting my brother’s hair; he is the pastor of the church and Dana’s husband.

Dana has been a barber by trade so it was everyone’s turn to get her back for all the hair cuts of the past! This is my brother cutting her hair. Now that would be scary!


The club with Dana and my brother, Gary, in the middle!

Now this is real church life – touching people where they really are. What an amazing group who would shave their heads to love Dana.

Dana, my brother, and their two daughters. They have definitely learned the fine art of scarf tying. At chemotherapy sessions, Dana teaches other women how to tie their scarves. This is the stuff great people and families are made of – making it together through the chaos of life – hanging on to the One True Person and Promise we have – Christ! You are all amazing!
    Dana, May the God of peace himself make you entirely pure and devoted to God; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept strong and blameless until that day when our Lord Jesus Christ comes back again. God, who called you to become his child, will do all this for you, just as he promised.                                    1 Thes. 5:23-24 (Living) 



3 thoughts on “A Modern Day Hero – my sister-in-love

  1. What a beautiful family, and what beautiful affirmation of faith to me. I am encouraged, even as I join you in crying and praying on Dana’s behalf. Thank you for sharing their story and for sharing the hope that is expressed through the body of Christ being there in our time of suffering.

    Thank you, too, for sharing that prayer from 1 Thessalonians.

  2. I loved reading “A modern day hero-my sister-in-law! That was just wonderful! You are an amazing woman yourself and the love you have for the Lord and all of your family humbles me so much!

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