back from texas and more…

Our family has just returned from Texas where we spent time with my parents, 86 and 87, who are amazingly plugging away at life and ministry.  We also saw my three brothers and family – did the cousin thing and enjoyed it all.  I will tell you more about my parents in a later space.

Meanwhile, I help lead a large homeschool co-op locally and also have the opportunity to teach a downtown women’s lunch/bible study.  I am working hard on both and am pouring over what topics to cover in the luncheon-study.  Businesswomen from all over the downtown Orlando area come into a classy, decorated atmosphere, are served by numerous ladies from the sponsoring church, enjoy a great lunch made by an amazingly creative cook, then listen in to a teaching time.  The response has been amazing this past year so I will get to do it again this fall.  The question I am asking is, “What would working women want to hear about in the middle of their busy day, over lunch?  My goal is not too heavy, not too light, not too serious, not too silly, but practical, with humor, and uplifting, whatever the topic is.  I want them to go out smiling and encouraged, with a little better glimpse of our God.  I am considering a study on  women of the Bible, but then thought that it would be hard to invite a co-worker to come to lunch and learn about “Deborah” – Deborah who????  You would really have to know about these people to want to come.  Then I thought about an in-depth look at the Lord’s Prayer and what each line represents in a prayer life.  Hmmmm.  Another thought I had, was to tackle the “giants in our lives”…like fear, discouragement, hurt, pain, failure, etc.  Maybe I could take one giant per week and talk about it and what God has to say in His Word about how to take on that giant – that would be something you could invite anyone to.  I think I would like to attend that one.  Anyway…

my seventh child just got his learner’s permit – teaching a seventh child to drive – only one more after him to go – wow!  Talk about “prayer life” – teaching teen boys to drive is one way to increase your praying, quickly.  But we are making it!  This is my very fun 6’3″ 15 year old who has had the ongoing struggle with how to “focus” on things in life (like school).  When he asked if I could picture him driving me around, I said, “NOOOOO!!!” but I was only kidding.  It may teach him to focus!  Wouldn’t you trust this guy?? 










He really is a great guy and so much fun…tenderhearted, serious about the Lord.  God is teaching him a lot this summer – through ministries like teenpact and through his own Bible study and involvement with other young people.  He and Zachary are also learning how to play instruments and lead in worship – very fun to see them grow!hgf

I did watch a youtube this morning that touched my heart.  I long, as many of you do, for the “church” to be all it can be in our generation – to be real and powerful and full of God’s creative work – and this is a little glimpse into that.  How secure these people were and once again, as my husband says, “It is a reminder that the church should be the safest place on earth.”  If you have not seen it, watch “cardboard testimonies” and respond – it is very powerful!











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