Happy Anniversary to my husband!

Bob – 31 years – 8 cities – 8 churches – 8 children –

many pregnancies, many strollers, many diapers –

many cars, many houses, many meals –

many boys, many pancakes, many birthdays –

many songs, many sports, many miles –

many school days, many books, many field trips –

many people, many challenges, many hopes –

many hurts, many tears, many sorrows –

many trials, many hurdles, many questions –

even now,

but many hair bows, many blessings –

many knicknames –

many smiles – many laughs – many thanks –

many years with the person I chose to grow old with –

to cry with – to laugh with – to learn with –

to grow with – to parent with – to just do life with.

I am glad I chose you. I celebrate who are you – who you have been to me – who you are to our children – who God is in you – I love you and am so grateful to be able to walk another day with you by my side –  There are many views about relationships today, many misunderstandings, many expectations, many broken hearts – but I have learned so much from you in marriage, as I consider this verse: “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”  You are that kind of man – one who lays down his life daily for me, for our children, for anyone. I like how The Message says, “This is the very best way to love. Put your life on the line….” That is you – unselfish, so kind, and so full of God’s unconditional love. It may not sound romantic, but how could anyone want more in the person she loves and marries?

Thank you. Happy 31st Anniversary. I love you, Joy
est. October 14, 1978


One thought on “Happy Anniversary to my husband!

  1. Great post! Lorie and I had our 34th anniversary this year. It’s really amazing how many “manys” there are over that amount of time. We have also have lived in many houses, in many parts of the country, and attended many churches. We also share many of your other manys also. It almost seems like you have lived several different lives as you look back. Congratulations!!

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