Family – God’s idea – He defined it!

My firstborn son Matthew worked out a way to bring our fourth son, Wesley, all the way in from Los Angeles, where he moved for school in August. After a midnight call from Matthew, in Tennessee, woke us up – asking us if we had received a special delivery (which we had not) – Wesley burst into our room, followed by a younger brother who had picked him up from the airport. I had been praying that someone would have him over for Thanksgiving, like we have others in our home for holidays. I had been on the phone with him earlier in the day, concerned that he have a place to be for Thanksgiving. He assured me he would work something out and have a good place to be for the day!! All the while, he was actually waiting in the airport to come home!
We will all be together after tonight when Matthew, his wife and children arrive. Eight children, one daughter-in-love (so far), and five grandchildren, six and under, including a set of boy/girl twins will all be in our home for the week!! My extended family is in Texas and I so miss doing holidays with them, but I am thrilled and grateful to have my family together for Thanksgiving!!

We were shocked by Wesley’s arrival – he went from room to room waking the other siblings up. Mary Kathryn’s response after being woken from a dead sleep was to jump up and say, “This is a dream come true!” As the boys all looked at each other, I thought, “Don’t you just love the GIRL factor in a house full of boys??”

Family – what a great idea God had, and I am so thankful to Him for it!

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