moms matter

In a day when moms are often the brunt of “your mom” jokes, and are not the most admired people, I want to be a voice that says, “Moms really do matter!”

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, when in a public high school, a boy informed  me that after school he was making a special trip to go get something for his mom for Mothers’ Day. He was making her a card and wanted to buy her flowers, because she loves flowers! What an encouragement that was! I wasn’t sure anyone else in the class even knew it was going to Mothers’ Day.

What an amazing idea God had when He brought Eve onto the scene with a specific and special plan for her to be “mom.” In fact, she was named Eve, by Adam, after the fall…after the curse (and the curse wasn’t mothering).  “…Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living” Gen. 3:20. The prophetic way she was named – she was going to be called “mom” before there was a baby in sight. In fact, to be mother of all the living at that moment was a little scary – who or what was she to be mother of – the birds, the fish, the land animals; what else was there? But God knew where He was going with this plan – the Intelligent Designer had a plan – “mothers” – and Eve would only be the first of millions to come. He planned for there to be babies, children, teenagers, young adults, adults…and mothers were to be the starting point for the grand plan. Moms matter!

I love mothers – I am one – we all have one – I love my own mom. IMG_0050I love to see who moms are, get to know them, and appreciate what they are willing to do, all for their children. My mom is approaching 90 and still is mothering in her own sweet way, as well as running a household and being a wife to my dad, grandmother, great-grandmother. Mom, you are an amazing mom, and I am so blessed to be your only daughter. Moms matter!

My daughter-in-love is nursing a set of twins, while caring for a special needs child, and also mothering two little boys. jordana and fam My son, her husband, goes around the world in ministry, and she faithfully supports him and makes a way at home for all to work. You are my hero, Jordana! Moms matter!

A friend who is a mom, grandmom, and daughter has taken her elderly mom in this past week to live with her family. The mom has Alzheimer’s and is no longer able to be on her own! Many of us are busy moms with many responsibilities, but now taking care of our own moms. I have another friend who is deeply concerned about the upcoming marriage of her senior age mom…to a man she has only recently met. “Momming” just never seems to end. Moms matter!

A mom’s heart is like no other – it is hopeful – it is open – it is wide – it is deep. It is large enough to take in the lives of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…and even those who come in to our home, along the way. It is a tender heart – it is flexible – it is forgiving – it has easily accessible tears – it is jealous – protective – encouraging – it is a teaching heart – a nurturing heart – a nourishing heart – it is a teachable heart – influential – powerful. It is a heart that is “on call” 24/7, ready to stretch to include others who will come into our children’s lives, loving them. It is a heart that must not shrink back in fear – trust me, after seven active sons, I know! Our hearts often break, but must bounce back quickly to respond to the next need. I think moms are the ultimate “comeback kids.” We cannot be grudge holders – we must move forward, free to keep mothering, loving, and letting go, all in one constant, progressive sweep. Now that is hard stuff! But moms matter!

No matter what our culture tells us, the presence of a loving mom makes all the difference. It is what our children need – it is what our world needs. No one can take our place. I celebrate that. Sometimes we have to speak out; sometimes we need to hold back and be silent. Sometimes we must forge ahead with abandon for our children; other times we must hold back and wait for our children to learn the lesson they need to learn. We must be as sly as a fox at times – you know, those eyes in the back of our heads – but gentle as lambs when the occasion calls for it. We cannot be over-reactors (that was hard for me at first) – calmness comes in handy in this vocation! The demands are relentless and overwhelming at times. We must be able to bear the burdens of our own lives, as well as those He calls us to mother.  Moms matter!

A significant picture for moms is found in one of the names of God, El Shaddai. A part of this name is from the Hebrew root that means “breast” – the breasted one – it is a picture of a nourishing God, who is all-sufficient for our needs. Just a nursing mother is the total provision for her little one, so is God total provision for our lives. He is enough like a nursing mom’s milk is enough to sustain the life of a child. Several references in the Old Testament refer to God as one who nurtures and loves “like a mother nursing her children.” It is a place of self-sacrifice, of love, of protection, of provision. As God gathers us in His arms and in the shelter of His wings, so we gather our own in the same way. Mothering is an issue of the heart – the heart of God is our source! His using us as a picture of Himself strongly says, “Moms matter!”

Many moms will not be with their children on Mothers’ Day, for different reasons and may not even hear the words, “Happy Mothers’ Day.” Maybe you know some of those moms, and you need to call and remind them that they are precious moms and that they matter! I had that opportunity this morning to let a friend know that she is an amazing mom, even though her life is in a difficult place and her children will not be with her. Her silence and tears on the phone reminded me of how important those words were to her. This is not an easy vocation – it is one that many women do not choose, and young pregnant teenage girls often think, looks easy. For those who work inside or outside the home, it is a challenge that is beyond our own personal capabilities, but not beyond our God’s – He is El Shaddai – the all-sufficient one for us – He is enough! Happy Mothers’ Day to my mom – to my husband’s mom – to my daughter-in-love – to my sisters-in-love – to all the amazing moms I know and don’t know. You matter and you are a picture of a nurturing God to your children and to the world. I am a blessed mom – thanks to my seven sons and one daughter for making me one! Moms matter! Happy Mothers’ Day!


2 thoughts on “moms matter

  1. Joy, you are such an inspiration to me and I am blessed to call you my friend. Thanks for this wonderful analogy of Mothers. I think it is just wonderful your Mom is almost 90 years old. She is beautiful just like you !

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. You are a mom who has been stretched and challenged in these years. You have met the challenge with your whole heart and continue to do so. Happy Mothers Day to you!!

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