Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! More than thirty years ago today I found a treasure, in my best friend, Bob. On that cool, fall day, we said “I do” in front of God, friends, and family, and in the past three decades, I have grown to love, respect, and so admire the man I married. He is a man who grasped the love and acceptance of God, from the moment he met Him. In turn, we have all learned much about the Lord from Bob’s steadfast understanding of Him. When other men jumped on bandwagons and followed this teaching and that, Bob stayed the course of just desiring to know God and follow Him. With great vision and deep humility, he has loved and led our family with calm, patience, and kindness. “Still waters run deep,” is a description that one person made of him one day, and we have found it to be so true of Bob, whose convictions run deep, but his love runs deeper still. There is no rule or system of thinking that would ever hinder him from loving another person. Bob is not a reactionary man – doesn’t fly off at the handle; he thinks before he speaks. And when he speaks, what he says is important. He is optimistic when things around him are discouraging. He smiles at the future, even when it is uncertain, because of his unrelenting faith in a God, Who is a Promise-Keeper! He loves his wife and children and is committed to them in ways that few could ever understand. His unconditional love for them is a rock they can rest on! When other dads have ruled with a stern voice and demanding ways, Bob has used a spirit of gentleness and love. His eyes are continually toward the Lord as he prays for his family and those He loves. When others have given up on The Church, his faith has remained strong that God will continue to lead it and establish it until His return. I wish every man could spend time with this man – to learn his ways and follow his heart. Yes, his heart – it is the greatest part about this man. It is full of wisdom and understanding that come through in everyday life situations. It is not uncommon to hear him quietly humming or singing praises to God throughout a day, no matter what the day brings his way. My sons are so blessed to have seen him love his wife and children. With others, he is also totally accepting – does not push himself on anyone – never feels he must be the center of attention. His ears and heart are always open to others; what a great listener he is, never tiring of hearing all of our and others’ stories. Bob does not give up; he assumes the best about people; he looks out for the interests of others more than his own; he trusts in God; he loves! He is truly an amazing person…my husband of 32 years, as of today, and the father of all eight of our incredible children. He never pushes them to be what he wants them to be or do what he wants them to do, but quietly trusts in the Lord for each of them – full of peace. He is always there for who they are and whatever they are doing in life – they know! Once one of our sons had a difficult experience with another person and his response to me was, “I have watched dad forgive, so I knew what to do and how to do it.” Bob is not only dad, but a sweet g-daddy to five precious grandchildren, so far, and is already a prayer warrior for them! Bob, I am thankful God made you and brought our lives together more than 30 years ago in a ministry in Winter Park, Florida. You have been an amazingly, loving husband, so committed to our marriage and family. Thank you! Happy Anniversary – looking forward to growing “older” with you and seeing what God has ahead for “us.” I love you!

One thought on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Happy “late” Anniversary!! You both set a truly amazing example for the rest of us to look up to. I am blessed to have had the pleasure of being around for that time at the Oaks. I pray for many, many, many more wonderful years of marriage. We Love the Chambers Family!!!

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