64083_2771514652360_1392829541_32035041_1646772071_nIn a day when fathers are missing or hurt their own children, I am so privileged to be able to celebrate the DADS in my life. I first celebrate you, dad, Don Miller, in your 90s, still praying for people and loving people, everywhere you go. Even on your toughest days, you walk the mall with mom – the two cutest people out there. Even though knees are weak – your heart is not – it beats to love others and to know God more fully! Dad, you set an example of life-long commitment to Christ – to mom –to our family – to your church – your neighbors, near and far. Your generosity, to this moment, astounds me as you give your life and your possessions away, knowing you will not take it with you.


I treasure having been your only daughter. You were such an encourager in all that I attempted to do. Thank you for meeting me at breakfast each morning on school days and praying for me as I was ready to walk out the door. Thank you for never making me ride the school bus and taking me to and from school every day. The one day the blizzard came and we had to leave school early, we were all put on busses. Frantically, you put chains on your tires and braved the weather, and got to a bus stop as quickly as you could so I wouldn’t have to ride it all the way home.

Thank you for loving mom so well even now –407571_10150819170128047_763398046_12439404_1716560581_n you will always be a romantic – your grandsons have inherited that from you. Thank you for facing your physical afflictions and setbacks with such courage and grace. Thank you for ministering to people every day that I have known you – from the alcoholic businessmen you began with, to the church plants on Long Island, to physically building a church with your own hands. You have loved everyone in between. Thank you for teaching us to open our home and lives to anyone – for hosting groups and missionaries – just loving those who entered and giving them a meal.

You are teachable as you seek the Lord each day and swing in your prayer arbor as you talk to the Lord. You still find joy in little things and laugh with mom at your “elderliness.” You may lose your hearing aids from time to time, but you never lose your sense of humor. You still tell a joke and deliver a punch line with perfect timing better than anyone I know – you have always been a story teller!

You are optimistic and trusting about your future and all of ours. You believe things about me and for me that I do not even believe for myself. You are such an encourager. You dreamed big and always want us to do the same. Your daily prayers for Bob and me, our children, and now our grandchildren see us through.

My three brothers and I could not be more blessed to have you as dad. You never 1012648_616935851651346_525001827_nread parenting books or went to conferences. You did not have the support of “dad” groups. You just sought after God and then tried to act like Him to us; I am so grateful. When people talk about heroes and roll models, your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren do not have to look far. In fact, they only have to look in your direction. app_full_proxyYour smile tells a story that has changed all of us forever.

I love you so much. Happy Father’s Day to you, to Bob whose heart reminds me of yours, and to my two sons who are now dads, carving out the path ahead for their children. May they father with the same grace and love that you have displayed through close to 70 years of parenting. You are one to whom the Father has already been saying, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!!” He is so proud of you and so are we!!!

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