I am wife of 30+ years – a mom to 8 incredible children – mom-in-love to one daughter and a grandmom to 5 precious grandchildren . I have served in ministry with my husband Bob for more than 30 years, homeschooled all my children, direct a homeschooling co-op locally, and teach and mentor women of all ages. I love to teach as I grow in my knowledge of God and His Word. My husband and I have hearts for all ages of people and a desire to practically and realistically live life to the fullest, touching anyone God brings along our way. Even though we see lots of problems in it, we love the church and want to make a difference there. We also have a heart for the hurting girls and women of our day, who have found themselves in difficult family relationships. God has given me a sense of humor, a great husband, and amazing teen and young adult children to travel this joy journey with me!!